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Just a heads up for those that are interested.

We will probably start another round after the new year if we are able to get the funds.

so if you guys want to start working on layouts and turning them in feel free and we'll keep you updated.
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So basically, unless we get four more entries we will be canceling the contest.

As of right now we have 5 and can't get very far with that.

Remember the winner gets a year paid account! So stop being a lazy bum and enter.

It can be an old layout even, we just NEED ENTRIES!
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This is the the last reminder to turn in your submissions for lls_auditions. If we get at least one submission by Friday we will extend the submission intake a week or two. If not we will cancel the contest and the people who donated will receive a refund.

This contest is really fun. I swear. You learn so much and you don't even have to have years of experience. The judges help you learn new things and we even help you with coding issues. Don't be afraid to try out! You will seriously surprise yourself with how far you get. I know I always did. It doesn't matter if it's your first attempt at layouts or you have experience, you will learn something. Just join lls_auditions and submit a layout. You won't regret it.

So again this is the last chance to revive this awesome contest and get a chance to wear a free year's paid account on LJ.
Random - Birthday

Last Layout Standing: Season Nine (Auditions Open!)

Welcome to lls_auditions, everyone! This community will be friends only to prevent theft. If you are auditioning for the LLS contest, then you are in the right place. If you aren't... then what are you doing here?!

You may submit a layout of your choice for the Last Layout Standing contest as long as it's PG13! All submissions are due by October 11th. Voting will be held at freelayouts on that Saturday. The top twelve will then be the contestants for Season Nine of the LLS contest and will become members of lls_.